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New Westminster Hotel Services | Groups & Weddings

Groups & Weddings

Providing The Best In Versatility For Group Bookings

It’s not every day that one is afforded the opportunity of staying in one of New Westminster’s oldest and most loved buildings. Originally built in 1892, the Met has undergone an extensive renovation that embraces the latest in comfort and technology while cherishing the unique characteristics of its Victorian heritage.

Perfect for Private Parties

Whether you’re planning a special weekend event or a long-term group stay in New Westminster, a floor booking in the Met Hotel is ideal for accommodating groups of 10 to 25 people:
  • Wedding parties
  • Tour groups (business groups, sports teams)
  • Private parties
  • Special events (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations)

What We Offer

Our unique hotel has ten guestrooms of various configurations per floor. Each floor has a private lobby area equipped with tables and chairs, allowing your group to have a shared space to yourself.

For group and/or personalized bookings please call our General Manager, Iqbal Gangotre at 604-520-3815.